Del Disclaimer

It seems there is no shortage of douche-bags that feel someone else owes them something. As such, I must post this disclaimer to clarify the purpose of My own damn website. Simply put, is MY website, for MY personal use. Nothing found within this website is to be shared or distributed in an manner that could possibly be deemed illegal.

Buttunes Jukebox IS NOT a music sharing website. If you didn't understand it the first time - READ IT AGAIN!

Like so many these days, tethered to their smart phones and tablets, so am I (to a laptop). Because it's an essential tool that enables me to be successful within my chosen profession, it's with me 24x7; it's my "ball and chain". Rather than putting music on my phone or any other device that regurgitates it. I've centralized My music libraries onto My privately owned and operated web-server. Allowing Me to access MY music anywhere in the world.

If you're visiting My website looking for music downloads, GO LOOK SOMEPLACE ELSE! Music is available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, etc. Tracks only cost around a buck for Christ's sake! Stop being a cheap SOB and pay the artist for their work. Otherwise I'll report you to the RIAA myself! Yes, IPs that hit my server are logged!

In order to protect the music, I encrypt My personal use downloads with 256-bit AES encryption (provided by EncryptOnClick). Good luck cracking the decryption password.

MY website has motion picture movies that I have legally purchased, ripped, and uploaded to MY website. They are for MY viewing pleasure only. If you want a copy of the movie? Wal-mart has them in the discount bin for about $5. Go buy it.

About the site owner - I'm a self-starter military veteran with an itchy trigger finger and no tolerance for any form of bullshit. I've spent more time, and seen more of 'the suck', than most (military folks who've been in the field know what this means). Sad thing is, I'm no longer active duty and I still find myself in 'the suck' due to my DoD work. Respect is earned, not given! So if you haven't spent time in 'the suck' or had my back from the hole next to me, you WILL NOT impress me much. I don't care for politics, religion, or any other subject matter that wastes my fucking time! And I have a true ingrained aversion for those whom think they are superior to their fellow man - it's best that you stay clear of me.

An engineer by trade, I dabble in so many disparate disciplines that I cannot recall them all. Technical, mechanical, artistic, creative, it does not matter. I research what I want to accomplish, get it done and move on. But I guess that's what any good engineer does (Beam Me Up Scotty).

Any statements or opinions I express in ANY section of this website, where the public has access to view, are ALL mine. Don't like or agree with them? Then just fucking leave; go Troll some other website. You are empowered enough to click on another website. Don't whine about my website, your lack of access, or any other fucked up unrelated mental, physical, or financial issues you may have. Neither I (nor anyone else for that matter) REALLY gives a fuck and WE don't want to hear (or read) about your issues! This website, and the public’s access to it, is NOT an entitlement. This website exists for the sole purpose of My own listening pleasure, sharing of My own thoughts, and the convenience of non-douche listeners that I personally invite to visit. Anything else, implied or otherwise, is absolute bullshit....

That is all!

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