Logan's Run is an iconic science fiction movie from the mid-1970's. The movie depicted a post-apocaliptic society in the year 2274 where young residents enjoy an idyllic, hedonistic lifestyle within the protective confines of a domed city. The general belief is that when each person turns 30, they are reincarnated for another blissful life cycle. Those who know the much darker truth become "runners" and flee to a hidden sanctuary. When law enforcement officer (Sandman) Logan (Michael York) goes undercover to locate the refuge, he winds up instead trying to initiate a revolution with runner Jessica (Jenny Agutter).

One of the iconic movie props to come out of that movie is the Sandman's Deep Sleep Flame Gun (DSFG). It came in two versions (e.g. Film and TV series). The screen used versions seen in both the film and TV series used flammable gas to produce the firing effects (e.g. flames from the muzzle).

It's interesting that the TV series flame guns created a different color flame than the film versions. I can only assume that a different chemical was added to generate the green flame. I've read that JetFlux was used. However, it is very corrosive and will eat metal.

On this website, I feature builds of my electronic versions of this weapon (eDSFG).

There have been a ton of versions created over the years. This is a blueprint from RacProps. It pretty much shows how the original Sandman guns were built and functioned.

Original screen used flame gun.

Play sounds from the movie.


My first eDSFG started out as a kit that was all aluminum with the exception of the side plates and grip; which were resin. This provided a couple of switches, LED, and watch battery. You squeeze the trigger and the barrel lights up. Too much excitement I know.

Discontent with that functionality, I wanted the prop to be fully programmable with lights and sound. Being familiar with the LED driver//soundboard from Plecter Labs, I reached out to Erv Plecter regarding his Blaster Core boards. This is a derivative of his wildly popular Crystal Focus Sound Boards used in Star Wars themed lightsabers.

Sandman Gun Builds

#001 #002 #003 #004 #005 #006 #007 #008 #009 #0010

Parts List

So you want to know what parts go into the eDSFG builds. For the most part, all builds start with a metal DSFG kit. These can be purchase from Nicksdad over on The RPF (when they are available). He created the kits and I supplied the metal sideplates.

Note: It helps if you have some electronics experience and programming.
Incorrectly wiring the BlasterCore, LED, recharge-port, or lith-ion batteries will destroy your prop!
If you don't know how to do this? Have someone that does build it for you. Some drilling and epoxy work is also required.

So what will I need for this build?

  • (1) Metal DSFG kit
  • (1) Plecter Labs BlasterCore board - This is the HARDEST component to get. Erv only does a few runs a year of the BC boards and they sell out fairly quickly. So if you plan to do a build, better get it while the getting is good.
  • (1) 2-watt or better speaker.
  • (2) 14550 Lithium Ion batteries. 7.4v is required for the BlasterCore. So you have to take two cells and make a battery pack.
  • (1) 2.1mm Recharge port. This must be wired properly
  • (1) Luxion or Endor 3-watt Green LED.
  • Assorted wires and connectors.


Flame Gun stands and case by Rylo. The stands are displaying Nicksdad’s ds guns (film and TV series), and the Rylo working flame gun is in the case. Pics from The RPF.

Different versions from The RPF.

My personal MkI and MkII prototype.


You're convinced that you gotta have this in your collection. I will be happy to build one for you. However, all builds are subject to parts availability and my schedule. If everything is available and you're ready to go. The build costs are $700 shipped OTD for each Film version MkI painted with Krylon Flat Black finish. I do not offer the MkII prototype or paints in semi-gloss or high-gloss. The prop comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required upon placing your order and the remaining 50% before the prop ships via USPS 3-Day Priority Mail (insured with tracking). If this arrangement is agreeable, send an Email or Paypal to fbuttry@nc.rr.com to get things started. NOTE: Paypal expenses are the responsibility of the buyer. It's best to send money to me "as a friend" to keep costs down. All eDSFG builds will be shipped to the owners via USPS 3-Day Priority Mail with insurance. If you want "Signature Required", let me know before I ship.

To get on the Waiting List, you have two choices:

  1. Provide the required deposit.
  2. Make arrangement with me prior to your deposit.
  3. For now, this will be a limited run of (5) eDSFG builds.

    1. J.C. (#006) - Complete
    2. T.O. (#007) - Complete
    3. R.P. (#008)

    Blog Updates

    06MAR2018 - I've been goofing off a little. Taking a break after finally graduated with a B.S.I.S. Anyhoo, I did get some white COB LED arrays and installed them into my original eDSFG. These are known as chip on board (COB) LEDs. The forward voltage is spec'd at 3.7vDC. However, they will function at twice that voltage for a short duration. They are listed as 3 watt//270 lumens @ 1A. I have (4) of them in the muzzle. I tried to paint a test array with green translucent paint. That didn't work very well and didn't stick to the waterproof LED covering either. So I went in search of some clear green tubing (found it today) and that works great. What's even better is that these arrays are around $1.75 each. Downside is that it takes about 4 weeks to get them from China.

    So I decided to try a different configuration using green tubing (from a lightsaber toy no less). I found some Green COB LEDs. The only issue is that they are 60mm x 15mm (15mm is wider than the muzzle fins) and 120mm x 10mm (which is too long but may can be cut down) and require 12vDC (which would mean adding a step-up circuit to the prop and is fairly small). I may try these later.

    19OCT2017 - Been looking at the COB LED arrays and I think I'm going to try them in my personal eDSFG. With (4) arrays installed, I should get close to 1000 lumens off 4.5v. I'll post more as I test it.
    09OCT2017 - Build #007 is getting underway.
    08OCT2017 - Finished up build #006. I think the new owner will be very happy with it.
    05SEP2017 - Deep Sleep Armory is born. I created this website to showcase the various builds of the Logan's Run Electronic Deep Sleep Flame Gun movie prop. Many of the builds shown here were done over a number of years. I think my first build was in 2012 with my own copy (#001), a MkI movie version. Some people saw it and wanted one for their own collections. So over the years, I've done more builds. Each one with a serial number. I also own the only MkII version with power level//settings indicators. Enjoy!


It seems there is no shortage of douche-bags that feel someone else owes them something. As such, I must post this disclaimer to clarify the purpose of My own damn websites. Simply put, ButtryNET.com and DEEP SLEEP are MY websites, for MY personal use. Nothing found within this website is to be shared or distributed in an manner that could possibly be deemed illegal.

eDSFG Build # 001 MkI

Designation: Customer Build # 001
Type: MkI
Coating: Flat Black - Weathered
BlasterCore: v3.1
Comments: This was my first eDSFG build. The original kit is pretty basic. But at least it's mostly aluminum; which give the prop a much more realistic look and feel. No flimsy resin casting or bubbles. This build used the BlasterCore v3.1.

The original kit with resin side plates.

The original kit with resin side plates.

The planning phase - Working out where everything will go and testing. This pic shows the litium-ion batteries, BasterCore board, and 2 watt speaker.

More planning phase.

Some of the electronics are installed in the pistol grip.

Testing all the parts and functions. Some programming was required at this point.

Making the aluminum side plates.

Not happy with the resin side plates. I decided to hand fabricate my own aluminum side plates. This also shows the original gloss black paint. However, I decided to go a different route.

These are significantly stronger than the resin side plate. Since the eDSFG uses a side clip to holster the blaster, it just made sense to make these. Later, I had 50 sets of side plates waterjet cut for the kits.

Messing with the paint and display. Here you see the eDSFG painted flat black and weathered.

I had grip plates made for each build.

eDSFG Build # 002 MkI

Designation: Customer Build # 002
Type: MkI
Coating: Flat Black - Weathered
BlasterCore: v3.1
Comments: This was my first customer eDSFG build. I think this build used the BlasterCore v3.1.

I had two kits on-hand. These have the new aluminum side plates!

Getting everything arranged properly.

Routing wiring.

Complete pre-paint.

A comparison shot between build #001 and #002.

This shot shows the recharge port in the pressure tank.

The cap screws off and on.

eDSFG Build # 003 MkI

Designation: Customer Build # 003
Type: MkI
Coating: Flat Black - Weathered
BlasterCore: v3.1
Comments: I'm not sure if I documented this build. I am still looking for more pictures.

eDSFG Build # 004 MkII [Prototype]

Designation: Customer Build # 004
Type: MkII
Coating: None - Bare Aluminum
BlasterCore: v4
Comments: With this eDSFG build, I decided to try something new. I wanted to use some of the advanced capabilities of the BlasterCore v4. Some other things that were changed is the side plate screws are now allen head rather than flat head.

I use black foam board inside the kit to hold some of the electronics and route wiring. Here I am cutting out some of the pieces needed.

Foam board cutting.

Most of the foam board is cut, switches/speaker installed, and wires routed.

Working on the upper barrel assembly. Note that the recharge port is in the pressure chamber.

Working on the final assembly. Batteries, BlasterCore, and muzzle LED are installed.

Now for the testing phase.

Hey, I forgot to add paint. Maybe later.

Now for the fun part. I added additional side plates for the power level//setting indicators. This took a while as I had to route out the aluminum by hand for the micro-leds.

Another comparison.

OK, it's all done. Let take some pics.

Opposite side.

Shows power indicator.


Close up of the colors. Green/Yellow/Red.

On the wall displayed with build CoAs.

eDSFG Build # 005 MkI

Designation: Customer Build # 005
Type: MkI
Coating: Gloss Black
BlasterCore: v4
Comments: This was another customer eDSFG build. However, the customer wanted his to be gloss black. The initial paint job turned out crappy. Either their was surface contamination or something wrong with the paint. I ended up re-doing the entire paint job using automotive gloss black paint. It turned rather nicely! I think this build used the BlasterCore v4.

Ahh, starting with our kit.

Some internals.

Hum, that paint looks terrible.

Had some surface contamination. Start over...

Ahh! That looks much better.

Installing and testing everything.

Pic for the new owner.

Muzzle close-up.

Pressure chamber close-up.

Body view close-up.

This turned out nicely.

eDSFG Build # 006 MkI

Designation: Customer Build # 006
Type: MkI
Coating: Krylon Flat Black
BlasterCore: v5
Comments: This was another customer eDSFG build. This build will feature a MkI in semi-gloss black with BlasterCore v5.

Grip assemblies being completed. Components going into place.

The kit with parts.

Parts and wiring going in.

Initial paint, looks really wet for semi-gloss.

Another paint view.

Paint is dry, CoA shown.

Another angle.

Another angle, muzzle tap is still in place in case re-paint is needed.
My LED light is flickering.. Looks strange..

Ahh, paint looks alot better. This is Krylon Flat Black.

Ahh, paint looks alot better. This is Krylon Flat Black.

Ahh, paint looks alot better. This is Krylon Flat Black.

This build is complete.

This build is complete.

New owner unboxing pics!

Ahh, arrived undamaged!

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Build certificate.

Cert, Prop, and recharger.

Prop in-hand.

There are 4 videos above. Note: Some videos is slightly out of sync with the audio. Added a customer reveal video as well!

eDSFG Build # 007 MkI

Designation: Customer Build # 007
Type: MkI
Coating: Krylon Flat Black
BlasterCore: v5
Comments: None

Fresh start.

Electronics going into place. Still have some drilling to do but it's looking good.

A couple more wires and we're about ready for paint. Just need to do some testing.

All testing complete. Almost ready for paint.

Paints dry.

Another pic.

Test Video

Customer unboxing pics.

Customer unboxing pics.

Customer unboxing pics.

Customer unboxing pics.

eDSFG Build # 008 MkI

Designation: Customer Build # 008
Type: MkI
Coating: TBD
BlasterCore: TBD
Comments: None

eDSFG Build # 009 MkI

Designation: Customer Build # 009
Type: MkI
Coating: TBD
BlasterCore: TBD
Comments: None

eDSFG Build # 0010 MkI

Designation: Customer Build # 0010
Type: MkI
Coating: TBD
BlasterCore: TBD
Comments: None